Woman On Kartini Beach, Rembang, Central Java

Woman On Kartini Beach, Rembang, Central Java

Travelled 500 kilometer to visit my beloved father in Dec 2018, I took a visit to a place where I had lots of memory when I was kid, Kartini Beach, Rembang, Central Java. This beach is not a million dollar beach like you would see in Bali. No white sand, no blue water.

Only many memories inside me made the beach, one place had to visit everytime I when to the small city.

That time it was a bit different as I had a new hobby, photography. I brought with me my Canon 700D.

Lucky, it was not holidays season and the beach was not so crowded. Only few people there and one of them was the woman.

She was not actually waiting for someone to land from the fish boat and actually she was just like me, the visitor trying to make a selfie. But, I tried to capture a moment to make her like waiting for someone.

I don’t know if my effort is successful or not. It wasn’t me who has to judge but you.

(Rembang, Dec 2018)

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