Which One Do You Choose Automatic Ticket Machine or Manual Ticket Counter ?

which one do you choose automatic ticket machine or manual ticket counter

Good evening, folks!

May I ask you a question. I believe many of you are commuters traveling everyday from your home to your office using train or other public transportation. Am I right?

For each travel, for sure you must pay some fare and buy a ticket, msun’t you?

The question is if you have an option to buy through an automatic ticket machine or buy it through ticket counter, which one do you choose?

Everybody knows that in most of cases, automatic ticket machine can provide the ticker faster than the counter. Well, we must admit that machines can do more efficiently and quicker than human for this duty. It has also less possibility in making mistake.

Many of you will surely choose the ticket machine for the above reason. That’s why technology is born for, to make human life more efficient and save more time that is enable human to live more comfortably.

I do too. I prefer to use the automatic machine for the same reasons.

However, many others may think differently. I don’t know the reasons behind their choosing manual ticket counter than the automatic ticket machine. It feels strange that they don’t take what technology can offer if it can make their life better.

Probably, they are accustomed to be served by human being which the machine can’t provide. Some people, mostly, old people prefer this way as they can talk or chat a little.

Or, this is most likely, they just don’t know how to use the machine and too lazy to learn.

Just probably, perhaps.

Location : Gondangdia Train Station, Jakarta, Indonesia
Year : 2017
Camera : Asus T00N (Smartphone)
F-Stop : f/2
Focal Length : 4 mm
Shutter Speed : 1/20 second
ISO : 200

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