When Food Photograph Posting Can Mean Intolerance And Disrespect

Chocolate blanketed banana, Seniman Stories 2018

I chose to post this food photograph here, not in my Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account for one reason.

The reason is that this blog has very few visitors and since it’s written in English, then I will be safer than if I post it in my social media wall.

This is Indonesia in Ramadhan , the fasting month.

People tends to be sensitive and easily agitated, especially if they are fasting. Many of this type of people require others to respect and tolerate with them because of their religion duty.

Food photo posting in Facebook or other social media will be considered as the act of intolerance and disrespect to them.

That’s why, in normal situation, when there no Corona Pandemic, food kiosk, restaurant, or fast food counter are covered by curtain or asked to be closed. Because, some people ask other people to honor what they do for their religion.

Many persecution by mobs happened because a person might be doing something considered to be disrespectful to Ramadhan, such as opening their waroong on the middle of the day.

Many people seems to forget that Ramadhan fasting is not only about living a life without water and food for 14 hours (in Indonesia). Ramadhan, the holy month is also a month where moslem is required to strengthen their self control, patience, and also emphaty.

However, in Indonesia, many moslems think that doing fasting means they become the ones at higher level that has privilege to be respected and understood.

I chose to post these photo and my writings here. Not because I am afraid of such thing. I am a moslem myself and when I write this posting, I am still fasting.

But, I am too lazy to spend my limited energy to respond to critics or comment if I post this writing on Facebook. Many people will surely think what I do is disrespecting fasting month, even though there is no hadist supporting this, and they will fulfil my timeline with their anger and hatred.

I don’t want either to cause those people losing their temper and patience just because my food photograph posting. I feel sorry for them because it mean they get nothing, except hunger and thirst. No reward at all.

So, I decided to just write something here, a lonely and hidden blog.

Bogor, April 29th, 2020

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