We Love Artificial Beauty More And More

We Love Artificial Beauty More And More
In Frame : Friska Molena . Location : Angkor Wat

Don’t you think so ? Don’t you think that people in current society tend to love artificial beauty more and more.

If you don’t, please just ask ourselves how many times we give “thumb” or “like” on Instagram, Facebook, or any Social Media on photo posting that we knew it was editted by Photoshop or other photo editting software.

How many times are we stunned by pictures of landscape of a place that may only exist in the mind of the creator ? How many “Woow” do we give when photos of smooth skin models are presented to us but in our heart we know the truth that the skin looks too perfect to be true ?

If you and others don’t think so, the next question is why a profesion called as digital artist was ever born as usually a profesion exists to fulfil the needs of, at least, people.

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