Wayang Landung - The Giant Puppet From Panjalu Ciamis

Wayang Landung : The Giant Puppet From Panjalu, Ciamis, West Java, Indonesia

The picture shown in this writing is a pair of Wayang Landungs. The name means “Landung Puppet” or can be interpreted as “big puppet” as “landung” means long from down to top (big).

The puppet is part of an art created by an artist, Pandu Radea from Panjalu, Ciamis, West Java Province, Indonesia. Its first introduction was in 2003 during The Pangandaran Kite Festival.

Wayang Landung will contain two parts. One is the puppet itself and the other one is the puppetmaster which control the movement of the puppet by using a stick. Considering the its size, which is around 2 meters and the weight that can be more than 30-40 kilograms, the puppet master is usually a man.

During the performance, wayang landung will have to dance, or at least make motions that comply with a traditional music.

The photo was captured in 2019 Bogor Annual Cap Go Meh Festival (or Bogor Lantern Festival) .

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