Visiting Temple Can Be Such A Boring Activity

I love history.

It always triggers my imagination to go wild and put me in a different world. It brings me into a journey and makes me like Harry Potter.

Enjoyful. Exciting.

I could talk with someone about history long.

I thought reading, seeing, or talking about history would never be boring.

That was a reason from my choosing Japanese history as a major during my university life. As I like to learn what happened in the past.

However, one moment taught me well that there are always two sides of everything. Good and bad always come together.

During my trip to Angkor Wat, the City of Temples, in Siem Reap, Cambodia few months ago, I found that history can be such a boring activity. It tortured me, and my friends.

Of course, when we saw the first temples, the exciting feeling popped up immediately. I forgot how many “Wow” came out from my mouth, I felt fascinated and excited. I took quite many pictures at the beginning.

But, the feeling faded out bit by bit everytime the guide told us that we would go to the “next” temple, and then “next temple”, and then “next temple”. Until finally, it disappeared completely and was changed by boredom.

And, I prefer not to open the lens cap or direct my camera. Even, sometimes I stayed at the bus and just gave a glance to the temple.

 Visiting Temple Can Be Such A Boring Activity

I never knew that history can make me bored.

Too many.

Luckily, temples were not only about ruins and history, there is also life of people. It is something that attracts my attention more and more during the trip.

I captured more and more photographs using them as the subject, instead of the famous Angkor Wat. It’s more interesting to me that just the grey brick.

And, this made me think that I didn’t love as much as I thought. Perhaps, because I have a new love in photography that replaces my old love for history.

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