The Nice View of Borcess Lake – Keep Your Camera on Standby Mode Always

the nice view of Borcess Lake - Keep Your Camera on Standby Mode Always 2

Keep your camera on standby mode, ready to shoot whenever and whereever you go. That’s what I learned from the master of street photography, Eric Kim.

It is very true. Because, street photography always relies on the foresight of the camera-man. People who choose this genre never knows what to shoot before the moment is in front of them. They don’t make plan who, where, or when to push the shutter release button.

And, I am one of them.

I never expect to shoot anything before the moment is taking place in front of me. Every decision is made instantly within less than a second.

That’s why I always put my camera on standby mode, or ready to shoot mode that when I find something interesting, I can immediately take a photo.

The habit has deeply been ingrained inside me, so when even I don’t bring camera, I will keep my smartphone ready. I understand that it’s rare and very difficult to capture good photo with a 13 MP old smartphone but I decide that it is better than not taking any photos.

The above photo was one of the photos taken while my Canon 700D is not on my hand. I didn;t bring it because the location was my son’s school. I didn’t visit the place for photo hunting session.

However, I could not stop to take few shots of the lakes in front of the school, Borcess-Bogor Center School, Bogor City.

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