The Fabulous Landscape of Astrid Garden – Bogor Botanical Garden

The Fabulous Landscape of Astrid Garden - Bogor Botanical Garden

I have only a cropped sensor camera, a Canon EOS 700D, an entry level one only. However, I feel blessed to be able to buy one.

It costed me some chunks of my salary everymonth for 6 month installments for a body and two basic lenses, a standard 18-55 mm and 55-250 mm. Well, not the kinds of lenses a professional will buy but those were the only ones I could afford without causing my monthly budget disrupted.

Although, it is not a sophisticated camera, the Canon has been a good tool to allow me capturing many beauties in the world, and show them to many people, like this fabulous view of Astrid Garden in Bogor Botanical Garden, the first Botanic Garden in Asia.

This garden was set up in 1920’s. It was made specially to welcome the beautiful Queen of Belgium ata that time, Queen Astrid. Inspired by her beauty, the administrator of Lands Plantentuin, the ancestor of Bogor botanical Garden, decided to make a garden that consisted of 3 parts, the pond, the yard, and the avenue.

Now, the garden still exists and has become one of the most beautiful place in the Great Garden.

The yellowish green of grass, the vast land, never fails to catch visitors eyes. With addition of Channa Hybrida flower that oftem blossoms the whole year, the Astrid Garden always provides freshness to the eyes of everyone who stop by.

The garden has also felt me blessed, even though only a cheap camera on my hand, I can captured the beauty and show it to you.

That’s one of the camera’s function, isn’t it?

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