The Biggest Challenge For A Photographer Enthusiast : Finding Time

The Biggest Challenge For A Photographer Enthusiast
Abdullah Bin Nuh Street, Bogor City, 2019

Everybody has their own challenges in their life, many. It applies also for a photographer enthusiast, like me.

Among all, I chose to pick “finding time” to do photo hunting as the biggest challenge.

As just a part timer and  the one who does photography more for hobby, making a photo is listed at the bottom of the long list of other daily activities. I need to earn a living for my family, keeping in contact with my brothers and sisters (including the in-laws, doing community services, writing as I am also a blogger, and so many others.

The problem is that when 24 hours a day is already not enough to do all, leaving no time for my hobby. Even, when I can find a little spare time, I am alreay exhausted to do my hunting.

That’s why, I, now, depend on my cheap smartphone camera. Because, I don’t have to find time slot and can do photography anytime when I want.

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