The Balinese Dancer

The Balinese Dancer

I have a bad habit. I tend to keep useless things around me and don’t easily throw away anything that for other people may be considered as trash. I always think that probably someday the “useless” thing can be utilized. Perhaps, I still don’t know how to use it today but I may find it one day in future.

The habit caused my wife complained me a lot. It makes our home messy and full of “unnecessary” things.

I bring also the character into my hobby, photography. I learned about KILL THE BABIES concept which asks a photographer to throw away or delete “bad” photos. I delete some but I keep quite a lot, even though the photos are a bit out of focus or a little out of focus.

And, that makes me feel lucky to do that.

After I learned how to operate GIMP, a photo editing software, I found that the “bad” photos can be rectified  and made into “proper” photos. Even, it’s quite nice actually.

The above Balinese Dancer is among them, among photos that perhaps a professional photographer would immediately delete as soon as they took it. I kept it for almost 2 years and I think it’s now useful.

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