The Accompanist : Don’t Watch Only The Dancers

The Accompanist : Don't Watch Only The Dancers

When you watch a musical performance or drama, it is common that your focus will be put more on the dancer or the cast. If you do this, then it’s understandable.

Probably because I am a photographer, or at least an advanced photography enthusiast, what I did was quite different. I still saw the dancer as they were the highlight of the performance, the core of the show but my eyes still scanned the stage from side to side.

It is a bit “bad” habit since my joining the word of capturing moment, unfortunately but I didn’t regret it. Even, I feel grateful.

Because, when everybody seemed stunned by the dynamic Bali dance, my eyes could not move from a bunch of people at one corner of stage. They wore traditional Balinese clothes completed with headbands.

They equipped with tarditional music instruments.


They caught my attention for few moments that I forgot, and never remembered the storyline of the show. They looked unique.

I took several shots with my Fujifilm Finepix HS 35EXR, just a bridge camera. And yeah, I was right because the photo looks good. It implemented my idea about Bali’s traditional musicians.

Therefore, I would suggest to everyone who visits any tourist attraction, please spare some time to scan the surrounding. Do not focus on the main show or the main character of a performance. You may fund something interesting and worth to remember from lesser characters or things that may not attract you at the first time.

Our intention to go there is to find something worth remembering right. It doesn’t matter it is famous or not as long as we like it and want to remember it, isn’t it? So, why should we spend a bit of our time to search not only what is presented to us. Try to seek more what is hidden or not shown.

Like I did with the Accompanists.

  • Location : Desa Kesiman, Bali
  • Year : 2016
  • Camera : Fujifilm Finepix HS 35EXR
  • F-Stop : f/5
  • Focal Length :  75 mm
  • Shutter Speed : 1/28 second
  • ISO : 1600
  • Editing : Picasa and Photoscape

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