Texting While Riding = Stupidity

Texting While Riding = Stupidity

Sometimes, I wonder what the content of some people’s heads are. There should be a “brain” to think , to divide what is wrong and right. There should be because I believe the God presents every human with this organ.

However, it seems to me that many people in Indonesia forget how to utilize the organ when they text while riding a motorcycle.

They should know that it is a dangerous action to do. Not only for themselves but also for other road users.

Riding a motorcycle needs riders to fully concentrate on the ahead road and to make the vehicle kept balanced. Riding while playing with a gadget and do texting will surely cause the concentration distracted and the risk of accidents to happen is increasing.

It is just a simple thing to remember. However, probably because they don’t know how to use brain, they don’t remember about that.

What makes it worse is that thousands of road users in Indonesia do the action daily. Their attitude put many people life in danger because they don’t know how to use brain.

(The photo was taken on the street of Pajajaran Bogor)

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