Unsafe Without Roof Truck Carrying Workers on the Road

The photo was taken on 10th of December 2022 on the Dramaga Road, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.

This picture shows and can be considered as the representative of the habit of many Indonesians that often ignore about road safety.

A truck, without roof, is never intended to carry passengers on the back. This kind of truck is usually used to carry building materials, like sand, gravel, cements, or others, but never designed for people, except in the front cabin.

However, in reality, it’s often the truck is utilized to bring people, usually road or building workers from one place to another. The developers neglected a simple fact that the truck is unsafe transportation for human. The need to have save cost usually results on the choice to use something available.

Workers don’t have too much choice. Rather than spending some of their wage for safer transportation, they prefer to take a risk to sit on the back of the truck without anything to cover.

Win-win solution? Not really sure, but what I know is that already many lives are lost because of the usage of unsafe truck to carry people like this. As often reported on media, accidents involving this kind of inappropriate use of trucks often happened and most of the case, people behind the truck usually are the victims.