Horse Riders On Mount Bromo Anda Dieng Plateau

Except on several specific regions in Indonesia that has meadow, horse riding is not common in Indonesia. Even though, horses are still used for transportation nowadays but the animal is used to drag a cart.

However, in in Mount Bromo and Dieng Plateau, East Java, the appearance of horse riders are easy to spot. The mentioned location is one of the most favorite tourism destination in Indonesia due to stunning landscape and sunrise.

Also, the sites are popular due to its weather that is very similar to subtropic continent climate. The temperature can be as low as 4 season region. Several times, snow or frozen water weather comes to the area.

What makes it special, there is no vast meadow considering the area are highland. But, the usage of horse is quite usual.The appearance of horse riders has become inseparable part of the culture and life.

Horse Riders On Mount Bromo Anda Dieng Plateau

Is it a usual transportation? Mostly no.

The horses are for rent for tourists.  It has become one of main attraction and trademark for Dieng tourism.

Riding a horse in ta cool and breezy weather can be a memorable experience in the culture of horse riding is not a part of the life.

Location : Mount Bromo and Dieng Plateau
Photographer : Arya Fatin Krisnansyah
Year : 2019