Horse Riders On Mount Bromo Anda Dieng Plateau

Except on several specific regions in Indonesia that has meadow, horse riding is not common in Indonesia. Even though, horses are still used for transportation nowadays but the animal is used to drag a cart. However, in in Mount Bromo and Dieng Plateau, East Java, … Read more

Lawang Sewu, The House Of A Thousand Doors

Lawang Sewu, Semarang City, Central Java, Indonesia 2018 There is one place you should visit when you make a trip to Semarang City, the Capital of Central Java, Indonesia. It’s a historical building formally known to be established in early 20th century, 1904. Its name … Read more

Stunning View Of One Blue Morning at Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo, East Java, Indonesia 2019 People usually describe morning as a time full of golden light. However, it seems it doesn’t apply to all morning. Two pictures of Mount Bromo, one of favorite tourist destination in Indonesia, showed that morning sometimes can be blue. … Read more

Consistency Is Easier Said Than Done

Angkor Wat 2019. In frame Aida Wijaya I promised to myself within this month to post one photo a day. The promise was made to build a consistent flow to keep this blog alive. I was quite confident to be able to do this without … Read more

Sunrise Is Always A Sellable Merchandise

Angkor Wat, 2019 One of the truth and undeniable facts in the world is that sun rises on the East. Everywhere, people will see this and most of them love it. However, people are known to be greedy creatures, especially for the one they like. … Read more