The Best Cure For Sleepiness – A Sleep

I am not a doctor, nor a scientist. Just a street photographer with a hobby capturing anything with any camera, or in short a common person only. However, I am confident that I know exactly about the best cure for sleepiness. My suggestion works in … Read more

Indonesia’s Cavalry Man

2019 Indonesia is not known as a cowboy country.  Only an eastern part of Indonesia that has horse ranch and the animal becomes part of the culture, i.e. in East Nusa Tenggara. However, it doesn’t mean my country doesn’t have cavalry troops. Our history told … Read more

LPG Distributor In Jakarta

The green tubes like a melon consist of Liquid Petroleum Gas, subsidized ones. The original target and idea was to help poor people changing from kerosene to more cheap and eco-friendly LPG. Poor people whose income is under minimum for proper life. However, in reality … Read more

We Love Artificial Beauty More And More

In Frame : Friska Molena . Location : Angkor Wat Don’t you think so ? Don’t you think that people in current society tend to love artificial beauty more and more.If you don’t, please just ask ourselves how many times we give “thumb” or “like” … Read more