Broken Heart Is Needed To Move Forward

Nobody wants to suffer a broken heart. No one does. It feels hurt and many times makes the world looks dark and bleak.

It caused people to lose direction and feeling as they are the most lonely person in the universe.

However, learning from my own journey as a human being, a broken heart can push someone to be a better person.  It push them to move forward.

Yes, it’s hurt and often crippling.

But, it also gives us a reason and a knowledge to find a way to avoid them from suffering the same inconvenient feeling in future. It push us to think smarter, to learn more, to act faster, and to try harder.

Finally, it will give us more than what we lose.

At least, it happened to me, and many other people in the world. We learned that a broken heart is such painful experience and based on that we try to find other ways that will allow us finding our ultimate goal, happiness.

Unfortunately, many others decide to let themselves succumbed by the dark side of broken heart and just enjoy the pain inside their heart . They just pity themselves and voluntarily allow the bleak swallowed their willingness to fight.

(Note : the picture in this posting doesn’t have a relation with my writing. She is just an old friend)

Bogor, May 09th, 2020