The Best Cure For Sleepiness – A Sleep

I am not a doctor, nor a scientist. Just a street photographer with a hobby capturing anything with any camera, or in short a common person only.

However, I am confident that I know exactly about the best cure for sleepiness. My suggestion works in 99.9999% of the cases and whoever suffers from sleepiness will recover if they do follow my advice.

To me it’s clear as crystal that the best cure for sleepiness is only one thing, a sleep. Coffee may help someone to stay awake a bit longer but eventually he or she will still feel sleepy.

But, a sleep will help the sleepy person to feel fresh until the next round of sleepiness come which can be cured with the same manner.

You can try by yourself and definitely you will find my advice is very accurate even though I am not a doctor.

Location : Jakarta, Indonesia
Year : 2019
Camera : Smartphone OPPO A3S (only)

Indonesia’s Cavalry Man

Indonesia's Cavalry Man

Indonesia is not known as a cowboy country.  Only an eastern part of Indonesia that has horse ranch and the animal becomes part of the culture, i.e. in East Nusa Tenggara.

However, it doesn’t mean my country doesn’t have cavalry troops. Our history told us that even in the past horses were used for armed forces.

Until now, Indonesia also has horsemen, cavalry troop in their armed forces. Police department has also their own horse cop.

One of them can be seen on the above photo taken during the parade of Bogor Lantern Festival 2020. Each year, horsemen are on the front of the long parade.


Location : Bogor City, West Java, Indonesia

LPG Distributor In Jakarta

LPG Distributor In Jakarta

The green tubes like a melon consist of Liquid Petroleum Gas, subsidized ones. The original target and idea was to help poor people changing from kerosene to more cheap and eco-friendly LPG.

Poor people whose income is under minimum for proper life.

However, in reality everybody can buy it and the price is getting higher and higher day by day.

  • Location : Jakarta
  • Year : 2019

A Small Target In Your Life Is Better Than No Target At All

A Small Target In Your Life Is Better Than No Target At All
In Frame Nandhita Setyaningrum

Do you have any target for your photography life ? You don’t ? It’s a pity, you should have one.

Do I have ? Yes, of course. I do have my own target of thhis hobby of mine. It is “to update this blog everyday with at least a photo a day”.

Very small target, am I right ? I know it sounds useless to have such a tiny target but it’s enough.

I don’t do photography to earn living, it’s just because I enjoyed it a lot capturing photos. However, as I am still a human being, boredom is always my biggest threat because no matter how much fun photography provides, the dull feeling always creeps in my mind and heart. Many times, a question of ” why am I doing this? ” pops up in my mind.

But, when I have I create the target to post at least one a day, there is such an excitement inside me. I know that even with this blog, I still won’t get anything. No fame, no money. Nothing. But, again, it feels like I have a purpose of what I am doing.

The reason for me to keep on hunting and shooting using my old camera. There is purpose because I made a promise which I need to fulfill which is to post a photo and a short story everyday.

I still don’t and may never know the end of this way but at least, I feel like I am in a duty that must be accomplished.

That’s why, if you allow me, I would like to suggest you to decide your own target for your photography life, or anything in your life. You don’t have to think to big, a small target can do well. Because the real purpose of the target is just to keep you feeling purposefully when doing “the things”.

(Bogor, November 28th, 2019)

We Love Artificial Beauty More And More

We Love Artificial Beauty More And More
In Frame : Friska Molena . Location : Angkor Wat

Don’t you think so ? Don’t you think that people in current society tend to love artificial beauty more and more.

If you don’t, please just ask ourselves how many times we give “thumb” or “like” on Instagram, Facebook, or any Social Media on photo posting that we knew it was editted by Photoshop or other photo editting software.

How many times are we stunned by pictures of landscape of a place that may only exist in the mind of the creator ? How many “Woow” do we give when photos of smooth skin models are presented to us but in our heart we know the truth that the skin looks too perfect to be true ?

If you and others don’t think so, the next question is why a profesion called as digital artist was ever born as usually a profesion exists to fulfil the needs of, at least, people.