Age Discrimination

It sucks! Reading one of thousands confusing statements thrown by a public servant, a minester, on the online news media, I felt big disappointment in my heart. The Covid-19 pandemi seems to trigger many government officials to be more proactive than usual. They made lots … Read more

Broken Heart Is Needed To Move Forward

Nobody wants to suffer a broken heart. No one does. It feels hurt and many times makes the world looks dark and bleak. It caused people to lose direction and feeling as they are the most lonely person in the universe. However, learning from my … Read more

Don’t Let Your Limitation Stop You

Bicycle Taxi, Jakarta, 2019 Everybody isn’t perfect. They have their own limitation. For example, since I was born and raised in Indonesia, a non English speaking country, I know that I have a limitation in writing or speaking in English. English is not our mother … Read more


Curug Nangka, Bogor City, 2016 “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out ~ Walter Winchell”

Visiting Temple Can Be Such A Boring Activity

I love history. It always triggers my imagination to go wild and put me in a different world. It brings me into a journey and makes me like Harry Potter. Enjoyful. Exciting. I could talk with someone about history long. I thought reading, seeing, or … Read more