Can Do Nothing Is So Painful

Most people dream of doing nothing, someday. That’s why they work hard day by day collecting wealth with an intention that one day, they can just sit on a beach somewhere, drink coffee or whiskey and enjoy their life. No hustle bustle, no pressure and just about enjoying the life.

I have such dream also.

However, yesterday, I found out that doing nothing is also so painful.

My wife’s uncle who I used to chat and joke with passed away after several days in hospital. It’s not something that I am not accustomed with as I lost my mom dan dad few years back. I realized it’s a nature of being a human that someday, someone close to you will leave you forever.

I accepted the facts.

But, usually, at least I can do something, such as escorting the deceased to the funeral, the last honor as a live human to another who has completed their journey in this world. I did it to my mom, dad, mom in-law, father in-law, and several other relatives.

I always “do something” for them.

Unfortunately, yesterday, I couldn’t do anything like I usually did, not even to accompany and sooth the mourning aunt, cousins, and nephews. I can only see them from a distance, a safe distance.

Covid-19 was the reason.

The uncle and the aunt were confirmed Covid-19 positive. The uncle was taken care in hospital and the aunt was under isolation. Two of their children were waiting for the swab test to show if they were infected or not.

I, like everybody else must keep the distance with them for time being.

I even rejected the request from one of my cousins o drive the aunt to the cemetery to see her husband funeral. Although, the cousin pleaded in tears for this “small” request, which I usually fulfilled without problem.

I did nothing and could do nothing.

I knew that I did the right thing to protect myself and others to avoid contact with infected people from specific period. I knew the decision was not wrong at all.

However, still I found it hurts. Tt was so painful not to be able to do something.

#stay safe