Age Discrimination

It sucks! Reading one of thousands confusing statements thrown by a public servant, a minester, on the online news media, I felt big disappointment in my heart. The Covid-19 pandemi seems to trigger many government officials to be more proactive than usual. They made lots … Read more

Indonesians : Ignorance And Disobedience

Bogor CGM Street Festival, Suryakencana Street, 2018 When will Covid-19 pandemic be over in Indonesia? Many predict, May or June will be the peak of the spread and by July the curve will become flat. By the end of the year, the outbreak will come … Read more

Future Prediction : Many Indonesians Predict Too Far

DBC (Death By Chocolate Resto, 2018) Indonesia has been mentioned as the “next Tiger of Asia” since 1980’s. With this label, a country is expected to play prominent role in the world immediately, or in short, it will become a new developed country. It may … Read more

Is Consistency Key To Success Or Failure ?

Sack Race with helmet – Bogor City, West Java, Indonesia 2017 Consistency, a word that has become a mantra in this modern world. People always say that being consistent is the main key for anyone to reach their goal. Without having consistency in whatever you … Read more