How Crowded Is Your City ? You Can See Mine

May I ask you ? How crowded is your city ? Mine? Sure, you can see mine. Sorry, I can only show you 2015 condition as I stopped taking photos like this. So, if you want to know the real condition nowadays, perhaps you should … Read more

They Won’t Be Our Transportation Anymore

The green “minivan” is called “angkot” the abbreviation of “city transportation” in Indonesian. It has been our main transportation for decades starting from 1970’s. Luckily, in near future, they won’t be our transportation anymore. The recently born application based transportation like Grab and Uber have … Read more

Do You Want To Be A Photographer’s Wife ? Think Again !

CGM BOGOR STREET FESTIVAL, SURYAKENCANA STREET, BOGOR CITY, 2019 Dear Ladies, I am not sure how big is a chance of a photographer asking you to marry him but since there are more and more photographers in this world, thanks to  digital technology, the chance … Read more

Motorcycle Is A Multi-Purpose Vehicle

Humor Mode : ON MPV (Multi-purpose Vehicle) Car is one of the most popular vehicle sold around the world. But, visiting Siem Reap, Cambodia and also living in Indonesia, I questioned the need to produce such big car because there is one smaller vehicle who … Read more