Enjoy Your Photography Before You Can’t

Enjoy Your Photography Before You Can't
West Gate of Angor Wat, Cambodia, 2019

Are you a photographer or at least a photography enthusiast, like me? Do you want to be success ? Well, most of us, if we can’t say all, have such dream in our life, then that’s why I would suggest you to start enjoy your photography life.

Because, not long after you realize that you dream to be rich, famous, or whatever success you want, then there will be burden everytime you try to shoot with your camera. You will tend to start with a thought about how to satisfy other people, how to get more like, how exchange your photo with money, how people will look at you, and so many other things that are caused by your dream to be success.

So, my dear friend, before all of your dream eats you, enjoy your photography. Feel the fun and joy when you direct your camera to whatever object you think as interesting.

(Bogor, November 29th, 2019)

A Sweet Small Distraction From Dullness Can Cheer Up Your Day

At the beginning, visiting the famous Angkor Wat, the Capital Temple in Cambodia was so overwhelming and exciting. Seeing one World Heritage by your own eyes caused my heart beating a bit faster than usual.

I couldn’t stop shake my head for in amazement with what I saw.

But, only for almost one hour.

After that, the boredom crept into my heart and head. The voice of my tour guide started to disappear as it never reached my ears anymore.

Everywhere was only, grey, old brick , and green. Boring colors.

Perhaps, I am just a city guy who doesn’t belong to quiet situation.

Luckily, as a photographer, even though a very amateur one, my eyes could scan “like a radar” for any interesting yet distinctive detail and find a little distraction, a sweet one, that finally lightened up my heart and lifted the boring feeling in me.

Although, after that, I didn’t hear anything from my tour guide and in fact, I didn’t know where he was. I was too busy to find more “sweet little distraction” with my camera.

A Little Angel Playing Flute Statue – Bogor

I am not sure what is an angel looks like. However, having seen too many Western movie, I got an impression that an angel has wings on the backside that enables him (or her) to fly.

That is why I named a statue I saw in a housing complex where my brother in law recently bought a house as “A Little Angel Playing Flute” statue. The small feature has wings on his/her back.
It looks that he (or she) enjoys himself by playing a flute, even though I am not sure if in the heaven there is a band or music class.
This is just because as a photography enthusiast I couldn’t stop to record anything, even though many may think it’s just a common statue, an ornamental part of a small and boring garden of a housing complex. For me it’s better to record about what I see than just capturing photos of myself.

A Little Angel Playing Flute Statue - Bogor
A Little Angel Playing Flute Statue - Bogor

A Little Angel Playing Flute Statue - Bogor

A Little Angel Playing Flute Statue - Bogor

Don’t think it is bad, especially as the photos were shot using just a low-end smartphone camera, OPPO A3s. Perhaps, if they were taken using iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S10, the result may look sharper and brighter. Perhaps, maybe, .. because I never had such high-end gadget.

(Original size of the statue)

What a Current Smartphone Camera Can Do – Bogor Palace

Bogor Palace – Leica’s owner, Andreas Kaufmann may say that all camera inside currently produced smartphone are not good enough and has ruined photography. Did you believe that?

I don’t.

A smartphone camera may not be as sharp as DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex)’s photos. It is still not in such level yet but we can hope few years later, it will be. However, that doesn’t mean that it can not give something to the world.

It has given a lot.

It gives people a chance to record their precious moment, or to express themselves, or to let people know about their idea, and for sure to tell the world about their own stories.

A smartphone camera never kills photography. It just expand photography. It breaks the barrier made by people who for decades think that photography is just for their own, who have financial muscle to buy expensive cameras.

It may sacrifice the ego of a community called themselves “photographers” but it will be for good of the world. A people now can tell anyone about their idea, thought, stories, news through their own creation without having to ask for the service of “photographers”. Everybody is now a photographer.

  • Location : Bogor Palace, Indonesia
  • Year : 2017
  • Camera : Asus T00N
  • F-Stop : f/2
  • Focal Length : 4mm
  • Shutter Speed : 1/4000 second
  • ISO : 200