How Colorful My Hometown Is ?

Do you want to know how colorful the life in my hometown / Then, just go to one of the park near the famous Bogor Botanical Garden, and you will see the sign. Location : Bogor, West Java, IndonesiaYear : 2015

Enjoy Your Photography Before You Can’t

West Gate of Angor Wat, Cambodia, 2019 Are you a photographer or at least a photography enthusiast, like me? Do you want to be success ? Well, most of us, if we can’t say all, have such dream in our life, then that’s why I … Read more

A Sweet Small Distraction From Dullness Can Cheer Up Your Day

At the beginning, visiting the famous Angkor Wat, the Capital Temple in Cambodia was so overwhelming and exciting. Seeing one World Heritage by your own eyes caused my heart beating a bit faster than usual. I couldn’t stop shake my head for in amazement with … Read more

A Little Angel Playing Flute Statue – Bogor

I am not sure what is an angel looks like. However, having seen too many Western movie, I got an impression that an angel has wings on the backside that enables him (or her) to fly. That is why I named a statue I saw … Read more

What a Current Smartphone Camera Can Do – Bogor Palace

Bogor Palace – Leica’s owner, Andreas Kaufmann may say that all camera inside currently produced smartphone are not good enough and has ruined photography. Did you believe that? I don’t. A smartphone camera may not be as sharp as DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex)’s photos. … Read more