Fish Catcher In Ciliwung River

Somewhere in Ciliwung River, Bogor City, Sept 2019 Heavily polluted, it has been. However, Ciliwung river never stops doing what it has been doing for centuries, providing a life for many people. Now, there may only be few people who still needs them as the … Read more

The Biggest Challenge For A Photographer Enthusiast : Finding Time

Abdullah Bin Nuh Street, Bogor City, 2019 Everybody has their own challenges in their life, many. It applies also for a photographer enthusiast, like me. Among all, I chose to pick “finding time” to do photo hunting as the biggest challenge. As just a part … Read more

Poor Doraemon, He Looks So Thin

Doraemon on Soleh Iskandar street, Bogor People say film and reality are different world. I have to agree with that. In the movie, Doraemon is a happy cat. Although he lives in the past but he has enough food, lots of friends, and good shelter, … Read more

A Little Angel Playing Flute Statue – Bogor

I am not sure what is an angel looks like. However, having seen too many Western movie, I got an impression that an angel has wings on the backside that enables him (or her) to fly. That is why I named a statue I saw … Read more

Fishing In Dirty Water – What Can You Get ?

I am not sure. I am not a fisher and honestly hate this activity. I don’t like for being idle and sitting without doing nothing and just waiting for something to come. Therefore, It is quite a difficult question to find an answer for one … Read more