STARLING – The Mobile Starbucks In Jakarta

Starling is a word that people in Jakarta, the Capital of Indonesia, may have been accustomed. However, people from other region or overseas may be confused. You can’t find the term in any dictionaries either. The word refers to an abbreviation of two words coming … Read more

The Balinese Dancer

I have a bad habit. I tend to keep useless things around me and don’t easily throw away anything that for other people may be considered as trash. I always think that probably someday the “useless” thing can be utilized. Perhaps, I still don’t know … Read more

Should I Be Afraid of This Dragon ?

Well, referring to many literature about dragon, I believe we are guided to specific image if we discuss about a dragon. It should be gallant, ferocious, manly, strong, fierce, and so many other words that emphasize that a dragon is something you should pay a … Read more

Cleaning Leaves of Decorative Plants – Showing Your Commitment

A commitment is something that can mean that you are willing to do very small things and sometimes silly just to make sure your duty fulfilled. Am I right? Perhaps, it is the interpretation that Indonesia commuter train company believe. Really a good one. This … Read more

Not RIO CARNIVAL – Just Lantern Festival in My Hometown

Definitely and I am sure 100% that the above picture was not captured at the famous RIO CARNIVAL. I have never been to the country from where Neymar came. I don’t have enough fund to do that. He wa snot also an angel came down … Read more