Expect The Unexpected

Having been a street photograhy enthusiast for more than three years and crawling many streets in my hometown or other cities, I learned to expect the unexpected to come. The nature of street photography itself, which relies on nothing but only your eyes to find … Read more

What a Current Smartphone Camera Can Do – Bogor Palace

Bogor Palace – Leica’s owner, Andreas Kaufmann may say that all camera inside currently produced smartphone are not good enough and has ruined photography. Did you believe that? I don’t. A smartphone camera may not be as sharp as DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex)’s photos. … Read more

Smartphone Makes Everybody A Photographer

Smartphone Makes Everybody A Photographer

It used to be an exclusive community filtered by how strong the financial muscle someone has. Photography was not cheap. A beginner level DSLR camera could cost at least few hundreds/thousand dollars that was not easy for many people. It was so limited circle. Now … Read more