Poor Doraemon, He Looks So Thin

Doraemon on Soleh Iskandar street, Bogor People say film and reality are different world. I have to agree with that. In the movie, Doraemon is a happy cat. Although he lives in the past but he has enough food, lots of friends, and good shelter, … Read more

A Little Angel Playing Flute Statue – Bogor

I am not sure what is an angel looks like. However, having seen too many Western movie, I got an impression that an angel has wings on the backside that enables him (or her) to fly. That is why I named a statue I saw … Read more

Who Said Riding Or Driving Faster Than Walking ?

Cars and motorcycles are made with a purpose to make human being can reach their destination faster than if they walk. So, theoretically, riding (a motorcycle) or driving (a car) should be faster than walking. In actual, it doesn’t always happen like that. Many times … Read more

Look Through Your Viewfinder and Be Thankful for Your Life

Settlement Near Ciliwung River, Bogor 2018 Honestly, having been an amateur in photography, I gained almost nothing. Not even ten thousands rupiahs were gained from capturing moments. In fact, I spent quite lots of money, not only to buy the new camera or lens but … Read more