The Flamethrower Mouth Attraction - Bogor Cap Go Meh 2018

The Flamethrower Mouth – Bogor Lantern Festival 2018

Have you ever fill your mouth with gasoline? I never ever think to do that as it’s a dangerous action to do that cause problem to your throat or stomach. If, there is just a small fire, you can imagine what happen next. That’s why … Read more

Be Grateful For What You Have

Rice Field Terrace, Mount Salak, 2016 “Be grateful for what you have and stop complaining – it bores everybody else, does you no good, and doesn’t solve any problems ~ Zig Ziglar” The world during Covid-19 pandemic is full of misery in all aspects of … Read more

Do You Want To Inspire People ? Don’t Try To Inspire Them

In digital era like todays where everybody has internet connection on their hand, I found it that people are always trying to inspire others in their own way. Some use social media, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or any other socmed. Some others transform themselves to … Read more

A Playing Flute Little Angel Statue Brings Me A Job

The statue is not a famous one. Even, almost noone in my hometown, Bogor City, knows if there is such statue. So, do not try to search the info about it in Google. There won’t be any information available. It’s actually just a decoration for … Read more

Fish Catcher In Ciliwung River

Somewhere in Ciliwung River, Bogor City, Sept 2019 Heavily polluted, it has been. However, Ciliwung river never stops doing what it has been doing for centuries, providing a life for many people. Now, there may only be few people who still needs them as the … Read more