Can You Extract Beauty Out From Something You Hate ?

Rembang Beach, Cetral Java, 2018 Being a photographer, like or not, puts you in a category of people who is related with beauty. In any case, a person with this profession or hobby are “almost”, always expected to show society how beautiful the life is.That’s … Read more

Woman On Kartini Beach, Rembang, Central Java

Travelled 500 kilometer to visit my beloved father in Dec 2018, I took a visit to a place where I had lots of memory when I was kid, Kartini Beach, Rembang, Central Java. This beach is not a million dollar beach like you would see … Read more

Dreamy View of Nusa Dua Beach

It took me few moments to take the above picture. Nusa Dua Beach, Bali is always one of the best beaches in the island, in the country, and probably in the world. It has white sand, blue water, and fabulous landscape. The only problem was … Read more