Should I Be Afraid of This Dragon ?

Should I Be Afraid of This Dragon ?

Well, referring to many literature about dragon, I believe we are guided to specific image if we discuss about a dragon.

It should be gallant, ferocious, manly, strong, fierce, and so many other words that emphasize that a dragon is something you should pay a respect. You may even have to be afraid when you think about this mythical animal.

However, in Cap Go Meh Festival, the Lantern Festival, you may find it different from what many literature says.

Dragons are more colorful, cheerful, and cute. You can not avoid that because there are so many colors on their bodies. Yes, it still has a mustache and fangs but those can’t get rid of the cuteness created by the bright colors along their bodies.

That;s why my question is “Should I be afraid of this kind of dragon?” . “Should I pay respect?” Because honestly, I will see them at least one a year in Cap Go Meh Bogor or Bogor CGM Street Festival.

So, perhaps you can tell me if I should bow when it crawls in front of me?

Or, I think this is the best idea, to push my shutter release button as usual.

It think the last one is the best.