Should I Be Afraid of This Dragon ?

Well, referring to many literature about dragon, I believe we are guided to specific image if we discuss about a dragon. It should be gallant, ferocious, manly, strong, fierce, and so many other words that emphasize that a dragon is something you should pay a … Read more

The Accompanist : Don’t Watch Only The Dancers

When you watch a musical performance or drama, it is common that your focus will be put more on the dancer or the cast. If you do this, then it’s understandable. Probably because I am a photographer, or at least an advanced photography enthusiast, what … Read more

This Giant Pill Will Make You Sick If You Try To Swallow it

It is a certainty, no doubt, that the giant pill as shown in the photo will make you sick. Definitely, it won’t g through your throat and your stomach will be too full. Too big. Luckily, there won’t be any doctors that will give you … Read more