Apppreciate The Beauties Surrounding You Anytime

Bogor Palace Frontyard 2017 Nowadays, people tend to spend more money to buy “experience” than what people from the past did. Leisure shopping, is the term, has been adopted by more and more people in the world. They prefer to save their money with the … Read more

Cute Puddle On The Street

This cute puddle on Sudirman Street, Bogor City is really pretty in its bright orange jacket. The owner must be a fashion conscious person that he will not let his beloved pets to appear dirty and filthy in front of public. The owner should also … Read more

Rabbit Seller in Bogor City

This is the way rabbits are sold in Bogor City, West Java, Indonesia. The long ear animal are mainly traded more as pets but it is also often consumed. Not too much because Indonesian prefers more chickens or beef but some restaurants offers various menu … Read more