Bad Habit Developed Being Photgraphy Enthusiast

Red Sushi Restaurant, Bogor, 2020

I don’t blame photgraphy for this. In fact, I feel blessed for becoming a photographer or photography enthusiast. However, I just can’t put aside that there is a bad habit developed for being one of the people who pour some of their time on capturing photographs.

There are many moments when I too enjoy trying to find objects for my camera (even when I bring only smartphone) caused me ignoring the people surrounding me. For example, I often take my family to have a lunch or dinner outside and a moment after entering the site, my eyes are busy to scan around to find any thing that may be interesting.

That has sometimes made my family annoyed because they feel being neglected by me.

This happen also when I go outside with my friends and colleague. Rather than having a chat with them, many times, I decided to walk around to hunt for objects.

Bad Habit Developed Being Photgraphy Enthusiast
Pardon My French Restaurant, Jakarta, 2019

Honestly, I realized that it’s not polite and decent things to do but there is something inside me that keeps pushing me to do that.

The excitement of hunting objects for camera seems to addict me too much.

I exchange good conversation with friends, or listening to my son’s experience with the excitement of photo hunting.

Definitely, it’s not good.

This habit will someday isolate me from social interaction. One day, people may get bored with me because I won’t be someone they can talk to.

Bad Habit Developed Being Photgraphy Enthusiast- Paregu Restaurant
Paregu Restaurant, Jakarta, 2019

It is a bad habit I must amend in future.

I won’t blame photography that for doing this, it definitely is my own mistake if this happens. However, it can not also be denied that even though photography is medically non addictive but it can create addiction to anybody.

Eventually it can produce a bad habit to who loves it a lot.

Location : Red Sushi Restaarant, Bogor – Pardon My French & Paregu, Jakarta
Camera : OPPO A3S
Year : 2019