Age Discrimination

It sucks!

Reading one of thousands confusing statements thrown by a public servant, a minester, on the online news media, I felt big disappointment in my heart. The Covid-19 pandemi seems to trigger many government officials to be more proactive than usual. They made lots of statements that sometimes meaningless and, worse than that, created confusion.

One of them, that I read, is about a discourse to allow people under 45 years old back to their activities.

The reason is crystal clear that the government wants the economic machine to restart and roll again. By giving the privilege to this category of people, they hope Indonesia’s economy can be helped.

It feels suck to me, and of course so many other people over 45 years old.

This discourse mean that it still limits the activity based on the age.

For sure they gave a reason, which looks valid, that the data showed the under 45 years old people tends to be more immune to Covid-19. Their data shows only 15% of the infected people comes from this age category.

What makes it annoying because not only people under 45 who must earn a living, uncountable over 45 still needs to work, get salaries or income. They need to have money to buy food, pay bill, pay tuition fee for their children. In fact, the money we have to obtain is more than under 45 people as our children should go to university or college, not elementary or high school.

We need also money and to get it, we still have to work.

By giving this, stupid idea, it looks like the government is care more to elder people but in reality, they are cruel. They think it is better to give a chance to live for younger generation and like pushing the older generation to stay away and just wait to die.

Bosses will be happy because it will give them a reason to cut the older staffs as it’s no use to hire persons that are not allowed to work normally. It will cut their cost as the older generation tends to be paid higher.

With this idea, the government is like saying to older people, “Hei, you should stay at home and please don’t die because of Corona. However, you can die because of starving (as you aren’t allowed to work normally”

Such a stupid thought for stating something that can be said as “age discrimination”. Something I never thought says by a government.

Really sucks!

Bogor, May 13th, 2020