Street Cleaning Youngsters

Street Cleaning Youngsters
Bogor 2017 – Suryakencana Street

Honestly, I don’t know why I like this photo a lot. I was the photographer who captured the picture with my Canon 700D in the middle of the crowded Suryakencana Street full of people watching Lantern Festival last year.

The reason was not because the photo was so stunning. No, it wasn’t. The photo didn’t tick all criteria made by famous photographer about good photo. It fulfilled even the most basic theory of photography.

I took it in hurry while running backwards trying to catch the moment.

However, living in a country where its people are known for their carelessness and ignorance in handling garbage, this photo meant a lot.

Seeing some street cleaning youngsters with big plastic bag on their hand picking up trash thrown by the parade spectators gave a me a broad smile.

At least, there were people, from younger generation, that had better consciousness about environment.

That means a lot for this country to be cleaner and more environmental friendly in future.

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