Small Is Beautiful, Many Times

Small Is Beautiful, Many Times
Angkor Wat, 2019

It doesn’t mean that big is not beautiful. No, it is not. Many times, as well, big people look fabulous also in frame.

However, many times,  I as an amateur photographer face with a difficulty when capturing a landscape because it looks too empty and a doesn’t right feeling popped out. So, usually, I will search an additional object that is not too big and even must be quite small that won’t hide the main things I want to capture.

It must mix flawlessly with the other components of the photo I already decided. But it must be also something that is quite attractive that it gives additional nuance into the photo.

That’s what is the meaning of “small is beautiful” for me, as an amateur photographer.

And, quite seldom, I am blessed with a beautiful small object which is a beauty literally and fit into the photo perfectly in accordance with my idea.

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