Sharing is Caring - Share What You Have - Photography Tips

Sharing is Caring , Share What You Have – Photography Tips

My mom, before she died, once told me that you didn’t have to wait to be rich to share with other people.

“You can share what you have. You should never think that you can only help people in form of money, there are many other ways.”

She was never a rich person until she passed away, but hundreds of people attended her funeral. People who received her kindness willingly accompany her to the grave.

I am a big believer of what she said.

That’s why when I became a blogger, I felt like being given a way to implement what my mother said.

Blog can be a medium for you to share immaterial thing, like idea, knowledge, or thought. Since I am not a rich guy, nor famous, the limitation is great for me to help people. With blog, I think and believe, I can contribute something the society.

It won’t be big, but it is what I can.

I have shared quite many in my other blogs. It took me quite a long time what I want to share here. Honestly, I have never intended to put sharing function to this blog. This blog was originally created just because I have too many photographs idling in my hard disk. By showing the photos, I though it may give a bit usefulness to the photos and my photography life.

However, the longer the blog exists, the more thought of being useless crept inside my head. I felt what I was doing was useless. I didn’t give anything that can be used unless a chunk of my life stories.

That’s why, after taking few days of thinking, I decided to provide something that “may” be useful for other people. The word “may” between quotation mark shows that whether it can be as expected will still depend on many other factors than just my idea.

If the blog can reach people, then the possibility becomes greater, if not this blog will just be trash on internet. If the blog can attract people, it still depends on readers if they use it or not.

What I want to share, that may give a bit meaning on this blog is about photography.

I am a semi professional photographer and do photography as one of my side job.

My skill may not be on the level of Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier Bresson, or many other “real” professional photographers. However, I believe I can use camera very well. My clients, my neighbors, my friends, my relatives, and many other people are satisfied with my photos.

Therefore, I think I have something to share to people. I may not be able to make readers if they dream to be a professional photographer, but definitely I can guide beginners to shoot good photos. It doesn’t matter if they use DSLR, Mirrorless, or smartphone, I can provide them with a simple lesson and guidance to use them.

So, for this purpose, I will create another category on this blog, besides “Stories” and “Gallery” which represent the above idea. It is named “photography”. Perhaps, it may have add word like “tips” or not as it’s not concluded yet but it will contain writings about how to capture moment with a camera.

At least, by having this kind of content, there is a bit relief inside me. It’s just a small step, but I already felt being useful for others.

Like what my mom said that I share something. It’s also one of my implementations of sharing is caring.

How about you? Do you believe in “sharing is caring” slogan? What did you do?

(The picture was about the hustle happened after working hours in Wahid Hasyim Street, Jakarta, Indonesia. I took it from the Gondangdia station using my old OPPO A3 smartphone on October 12, 2022)

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