setu gede the biggest lake in Bogor City 3

Setu Gede : the Biggest Lake in Bogor City

The pictures in this writing shows Setu Gede, the biggest lake in the City of Bogor. Its size is around 4 hectares and located in west district of the city.

Yes, only 4 hectares but it’s the biggest water reservoir in the city because the city itself, Bogor is only 128 kilometers square in size. Also, there are only very few lakes in the city.

Originally, it’s a part of research forest fo CIFOR-Center for International Forestry Research but now it’s developed to be one of tourism and resort area. The lake is located in the border between the forest and the settlement.

The name Setu Gede means Big Lake, Setu is lake or water and Gede means Big.

The photos were taken in October 2022 using low budget smartphone OPPO A3s.

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