Selfie Is The New Core of Traveling

Selfie Is The New Core of Traveling
Bali 2016 – Tanah Lot Beach, Bali

In the past, traveling was a way to explore of the unknown. It was also one way to escape from your routine and get refreshed. Some others will use it to have quality time with their family.

But.. it may have changed these days.

People often do travel just to be exist in this world. That’s why they usually take so many pictures of themselves. Usually, they will have bunches of photos after they travel to one place and most of them are photos of their face in various places.

Probably, today is the era when refreshing, having quality time with family, exploration are no longer the core of having a travel. It’s likely the core has moved to a new one i.e. to do selfies as many as possible.

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