Practice Makes Perfect : No Doubt

Practice Makes Perfect : No Doubt
Knife Sharpener , Bogor 2018

Practice makes perfect is a phrase, a proverb, an idiom, or whatever you want to call, that everybody must remember all the time. Really not sure who invented this phrase but it may last as long as this world.

Nobody can gain any skill without trying to train themselves.

As a street photographer, I always challenge myself to take better and better pictures. It is not because I earn my living from my camera but it has been a habit. Nobody pushes or forces me to do.

 I realize that my skill in capturing moments will definitely deteriorate if I don’t practice it during long period. My pictures will become bad after several weeks I don’t do my photo hunting sessions.

It is a nature that you will lose something you don’t keep. This includes your skill. Any skills.

I don’t want to face that situation.

That’s why I make it a habit of mine to try in anyway to keep training myself. Sometimes, I do that by capturing small things using my smartphone. It’s not a perfect way but at least I practice.

I want to be a better photographer and I realize that the impossibility to reach that target if I can’t keep my current skill. If I lose that, it will be harder to reach my target. It’s like trying to reach something using a ladder and when you stand in one step, you lose it and fall. You will never reach the top if you keep losing your ground. You will be static, stagnant and stay whereever you are for long time.

And, I am a person who never likes to stay in the same place for too long.

How about you?

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