Picolo Coffee Latte That Reminds Me a Dragon Ball Character

Piccolo Coffee/Latte that Reminds Me of A Dragon Ball Character

As a non-coffee lover, the first time I heard about Piccolo Coffee, immediately my mind travelled to my childhood. One of my favorite movies, the Dragon Ball popped up and the scene of Songoku fought a green alien wearing white turban occupied my brain.


He was one of the strongest enemies Songoku had ever met and funnily later on, he became an ally.

I thought that Piccolo coffee name comes from a creative mind taking the name of this popular character of manga and attached to a drink similar to Cappuccino.

Only, few days after, I browsed internet and found that Piccolo Coffee is a type of coffee is a single ristretto shot in 90 ml glass and topped with steamed milk. The result is a small, strong drink with more coffee than milk. Piccolo Coffee is often called Piccolo Lattee.

However, I still can’t avoid whenever I visited my friend’s cafe, and my eyes catch the name on book menu, my mind still wanders and imagine the green alien.

For all baristas in the world, forgive me for that.

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