Photography Shows Me More Beauties Than Before

Photography Shows Me More Beauties Than Before
Rice Field Terrace in Mount Salacca Bogor

Unavoidable. As a photographer, I would always like people to see from one side, a bright side. I always try to present photos that I think beautiful. I want to share the happiness enjoyed during capturing the photo.

No matter bad the object is, I will always search for an angle that can show the object in their bright form, best form and not the worst form. I try to extract beauty from any of my object.

That is the curse of being a photographer, a single minded person when a camera is on our hand. Really sorry for that.

Due to the nature of being a photographer, I thank God also because probably I saw more beauties in my life than many other person. The habit to always look for beautiful thing from a mundane thing have been developed inside me.

That makes me see the world more beautiful than before. It’s more cheerful and colorful. Because even common things for me can be the most interesting and attractive thing in the world when I see through my viewfinder.

Location : Mount Salacca, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia
Year : 2015
Camera : Fujifilm Finepix HS 35EXR
F-Stop : F/4.5
Focal Length : 19 mm
Shutter Speed : 1/300
ISO : 100
Editting : Picasa and Photoscape

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