Perfectly Sexy Lady Does Not Always Attract Men

Perfectly Sexy Lady Does Not Always Attract Man
Bali 2016 – Kuta Street

Men, majority of them, are always attracted by sexy ladies, especially with a perfect body. That’s normal.

That’s also the reason behind willingness of companies to pay big bucks to lady with perfect body shape. That’s why women like Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid are so rich because their body are so gorgeous that men will find it difficult to resist and women will envy to have, and eventually it will open opportunity for the companies to sell.

However, having crawled many streets, in Indonesia, I found that sometimes, perfect body is not everything. Some people can resist to even give a slight attention.

I don’t know how they could do it. Perhaps, it’s because they were to religious and seeing a sexy lady was a sin. Or, which is more likely, because the sexy lady was only in a banner or poster, it may be different if the man meets the lady face to face.

Perhaps. I don’t know exactly.

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