One Bad Habit a Photography Enthusiast Usually Has

One Bad Habit a Photography Enthusiast Usually Has
Rangda – The symbol og eveil in Barong Dance Show, Bali

It is quite true. Very trua actually. A camera brings one bad habit, especially for anyone who decides to include themselves into photography enhtusiast category.

The bad habit is that they can’t enjoy anything by seeing directly but must be through the viewfinder or LCD monitor of their camera. They don’t seem to feel the life without a chance to push the shutter release button.

In many occasions, I found myself on those kind of situation, not only when I am hunting for moments but almost anytime. My eyes will always scan surroundings to find a good background and potential object to capture with any camera on my hand.

That’s really bad.

Because, I finally, my brain don’t record any memory. I was too busy to think about composition of possible photo, or pay to much attention to find good camera setting, or to do more related to taking photo than enjoying what was presented.

Last year, when I visited Bali, we, my friends and I, were brought to a show of Barong and Keris Dance in Kesiman Village. The show was one of the must see one by tourist when they came to Bali.

Well, indeed, it was interesting. The costume, the stage, the dance, the energic dancers. All were attractive, very attractive. We were given a paper explaining about the story of the show.

After around 1 hour, the show was over and everybody talked about “this” and “that” of the performance, about the role of Barong and Rangda. All but me.

I didn’t even remember the plot and the storyline. I was too busy capturing photo with my Fujifilm Finepx HS 35EXR.

That’s one example what addiction to photography can create. The only memory I brought home were in the form of photos of the show. One of them is in this writing.

Probably, this is the way how a photography enthusiast enjoys their life, using their camera to memorize something. And I definitely enjoy it.

  • Location : Kesiman Village, Bali
  • Year : 2016
  • F-Stop : f/5
  • Focal Length : 33 mm
  • Shutter Speed : 1/27 second
  • ISO : 1600
  • Editting : Picasa and Photoscape

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