Now, I Learned What Photogenic Is

She is just an ordinary colleague of mine. Sharing a space in the same office for almost eleven years. Nothing special between us, just working colleague, friends who sometimes shared a bit part of our life in spare time.

She was 46, a mother of two daughters. One of them is now in college and the other in high school. Slender she may, but she doesn’t have what people call as proportional body. A bit skinny.

Nothing special about her from the point of view of a photographer.

Now, I Learned What Is Photogenic
In frame : Aida Wijaya

However, from her, I learned in practice what the meaning of a word “photogenic”.

O yeah.

As an amateur photographer, or you can call me as hobbyist, I found something interesting from photos that have been made using her as a model. Of course, not formally, the photos were taken not in the condition like a profesional, but mostly in company gathering when I pretend to be a photographer for everyone.

The interesting thing is that most of her photos become so attractive. She looked so attractive too.

Like the below photos taken during our trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Well, you may say that the photo is good because the photographer but I took several photos with other ladies colleague. But, I don’t think the results are as good as the ones in this writing.

In Frame Aida Wijaya

No make up artist to make over her, no special lighting, casual daily clothes, entry level camera (Canon EOS 700d), and amateur photographer. But, the photographs look goods. Friends of mine told and compliment me for the photos. They thought the photos were fabulous.

I do feel the same too, until now.

Even I consider, the photos were the best shots I took during the trip.

After several time of studying and comparing many photos, the word of “photogenic” cross my mind. It’s likely that she is the living sample of the word.

She represents of

A subject (generally a person) is photogenic if appearing aesthetically or physically attractive or appealing in photographs ~wikipedia

That makes me wishing that everybody is like her. It will make photographer’s life easier.

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