Modified Becak in Kempinski Hotel, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta – The Reminder

Becak was “once” ubiquitous and the king of transportation in the Capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. But, not again. It has been replaced by more modern tranportation means nowadays and near their extinction as it’s not easy to find them crawling the street.

It’s also prohibited to enter main road in the city. You may still find becak in other Indonesia cities, but not in Jakarta.

However, some people has tried to preserve becak in many ways. Not for commercial purpose but as a remainder for anyone that becak contributed to the development of the city.

One of them is Kempinski Grand Indonesia Hotel which is located in the center of Jakarta. Near to its lobby, there is a modified becak used as a lamp hanger.

Artistic and people who stay at the hotel will always be reminded that someday in the past, the city was relied on this transportation mean to transport people.

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