Look Through Your Viewfinder and Be Thankful for Your Life

Settlement Near Ciliwung River, Bogor 2018

Honestly, having been an amateur in photography, I gained almost nothing. Not even ten thousands rupiahs were gained from capturing moments. In fact, I spent quite lots of money, not only to buy the new camera or lens but also to make a little travel inside my hometown, Bogor.

The only benefit produced is always abundance of photos of any corner of the city. People, vehicle, and so many other things since I like to take photos of evetything.

No material gain.

However, I can’t stop taking look through my Canon EOS 700D’s viewfinder. I am addicted of taking photos, may be. But, not only because of that.

There is a feeling that I can not waive away that the more I look through the viewfinder, the more I feel thankful for anything I get and have.

I am not rich, even since I was born and until now. My camera was bought with 6 month installments to keep my family cashflow undisturbed. However, I still could buy it. Even, I still pay this domain that I only use occasionally to write my thought. Yeah, I still have such privilege.

My viewfinder shows and teaches me a lot that there are still many people who even don’t know what to do. They just sit idly without doing anything and just think if they can have food for tonight.

The viewfinder of a low level camera is like a reminder what leisure has been blessed to me and my family. That I should be thankful for the way of life given to me.

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