Lawang Sewu, The House Of A Thousand Doors

Lawang Sewu, Semarang City, Central Java, Indonesia 2018

There is one place you should visit when you make a trip to Semarang City, the Capital of Central Java, Indonesia. It’s a historical building formally known to be established in early 20th century, 1904. Its name is Lawang Sewu, a Javanese that means “a thousand doors”.

It has a Dutch colonialist style of architecture which is no wonder because the building was established during Dutch still ruled Indonesia.

It can be said a must visit place in the city for two reasons

  1. To fulfil your curiousity about the number of the doors
  2. To see the place that is full with frightening story about whimpering voices or screaming coming out from its basement that is no longer used
Lawang Sewu, The House Of A Thousand Doors

The myth of haunted house is attached as the building had been used as prisoner camps during Independent War by the Dutch. Furthermore, the 1000 doors building had several times been a battle fields between Indonesian fighter and Dutch troops. Lots of victims fell at that time.

No wonder, if later on the plenty of creepy stories related to Lawang Sewu were born. Many said that the formless voice comes from the haunting spirit of the battle victims or the tortured prisoners.

Nobody is sure if the story is true or not, as like also all haunted house in the world, there is no prove and the story is word of mouth one.

However, one thing is quite sure, even though the name means a thousand doors, the building has less than that. You can count by yourself if you come to the city.

Name : Lawang Sewu, The house of 1000 doors
Photographer : Arya Fatin Krisnansyah
Location : Youth Monument
Year : 2018
Camera : Canon 700D

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