Clean Water Retailer Seller Using Jerry Cans in Jakarta

Jerry Canned Clean Water Retailer in Jakarta

Indonesia is not a dry or desert country. Water is abundance everywhere in the archpelagoes as rivers, lakes, and other water reservoirs are everywhere and can be found quite easily. Rains drop uncountably over a year and often creates another type of disaster, flood.

However, when you visit Jakarta, the Capital of Indonesia, then you may find a scene like the above picture. A man pushing a cart full of orange or blue jerry cans. Perhaps, you may have a question about what liquid he carries.

The answer is clean water. The man is clean water retailer or seller, a job that usually exists in a country where clean water supply is limited.

The existence of this profession doesn’t mean Jakarta has been lack of clean water supply. It is not. The city is fine as the clean water supply system is enough for all citizens (as long as they pay).

The man is supplying waroong and small food kiosks that don’t have plumbing network. Many of them are informal business and often without permission and can’t apply to get installation of water plumbing. Therefore, to fulfil their need of clean water, they will buy from the man.

The business can be also seen in the slums which usually are not eligible to apply for water supply network.

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