It Is Like Watching TV

It Is Like Watching TV
Bali 2016 – from the aisle of Grand Nikko Hotel  now Hilton Resort

You may feel annoyed if your children disturb you while you are watching your favorite TV show. Many prefer to do it as your “me” time.

However, I learned that children are more important than everything, including my favorite movies. That’s why I almost never watch TV anymore as my son or my wife often occupies it to see soap opera or anime.

Well, that’s my fate as a man. To sacrifice.

However, I learn also that my camera gives me an opportunity to have something like watching TV. I can peep from the viewfinder and scenes of life, real ones. It’s like watching a reality show made by my own.

I can let my idea free and not directed by the presenter.

It is more interesting to see reality that what is shown on TV.

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