Indonesia National Blogger Day - What is the essence

Indonesia’s National Blogger Day – What Is The Essence?

It is tempting to start this writing with a special yet strange greeting that since yesterday was so often said by many bloggers in Indonesia but I decided against the idea. I am not sure there is another country, except mine who celebrates it, so perhaps it will sound weird.

Happy Blogger Day!

Yeah, that’s the saying that I meant.

Yesterday, October the 27th, is celebrated annually by Indonesians as a Blogger Day. It was created not so long ago, which means after the 21th century, in 2007. The government, in this case the Ministry of Communication announced that the date became the day for bloggers.

So, every blogger in the archipelagos will greet other bloggers by saying “Happy Blogger Day” and thousands of blogs will create their own writings about the history, how honor it is to be a blogger, or emphasizing the importance of bloggers for the country.

Almost every blogger feels becoming someone special during the day and for the few days after.


I don’t.

There is tickle on my stomach to read how proud many “bloggers” greet each others with the saying. For the sake of courtesy, I greeted also some blogger when I visited their blogs but it made me feel stupid and hypocrite.

I don’t understand the reason of creating a national day for bloggers. What is the essence? What special things have bloggers done for the country that deserves to be honored? What’s made bloggers so special in the eye of the government?

Indonesian fishermen have been entitled a national day and I won’t argue. I am in complete understanding considering how crucial their role in our food providing system.

The doctors has also their own national day, which shouldn’t be denied, especially in the middle of Covid-19 pandemic. Without them, hundreds thousands of life might have been perished by the coronavirus.

Both professions are so important for Indonesia.

But bloggers?

Are they so important? Blogger is not even a profession in this country.

I know quite well that bloggers play a role in spreading information, knowledge, or inspiring other people. However, it’s not so special since many people without blogger title do the things everyday and everytime.

You don’t have to have a blog to inspire or motivate others. You can do it easily by giving a speech, doing community service, or even with sharing something on social media.

So, what is the reason? Why are bloggers treated specially and differently ? Why are Youtubers, Instagrammers, Facebookers not given the same? Many of them do the same, inspiring and spreading knowledge.

I really don’t feel honored by being a blogger. It’s just the way I choose to utilize my over energy and to keep my brain working. I don’t know if my rantings can help readers *it depends on the, not me.

Honestly, I feel a bit stupid and a funny feeling popped out in my heart when I saw my blogger friends greet each other with “Happy Blogger Day”.

I don’t know why we should be proud of.

Especially, when you feel that you don’t do anything and just write for your own sake. It may help others, or it may not. There is no guarantee that what I write is helpful and develop people. The decision is not mine.

But, as I live in a country who thinks being a blogger is something special, like or not, sometimes I must act like common people do, greet all bloggers that I know with funny “Happy Blogger Day”.

Even though, I don’t know the reason, the importance, the essence about the day, I should do it as a courtesy.

Bogor City, October 28th, 2020

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