Indonesians : Ignorance And Disobedience

Bogor CGM Street Festival, Suryakencana Street, 2018

When will Covid-19 pandemic be over in Indonesia? Many predict, May or June will be the peak of the spread and by July the curve will become flat. By the end of the year, the outbreak will come to an end, says our President, Mr. Jokowi.

Not too bad for a country whose health system is far from proper.

Unfortunately, I don’t buy this statement. Although, I am not a pessimistic guy but as an Indonesian since my birth, I found it is hard to believe the statement.

The reason is because I witness everyday how ignorant and disobedient many Indonesians in daily life.

Even, a simple thing such as red, yellow, green of traffic light, many Indonesians prefer to ignore it. Or, how “no parking” sign means nothing. Or, that pavement is for pedestrians not parking slots is not fully understood.

Those simple thing showed how Indonesians seems to have difficulties to comply with the rules or being discipline.

Meantime, to curb the virus from spreading, discipline and also complying with the guidance from the authority is a must. It’s the only way.

Then, it’s difficult to see that the outbreak can come to an end soon in Indonesia as their people still ignores the government asking to wear mask, or social distancing.

I do hope I am wrong but seeing the reality daily, it seems to me the government is just trying to sooth and calm Indonesians.

Bogor, May 3rd, 2020

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