Indonesian Soccer : Existence And Inexistence

Entering the 32nd day of social movement control order in Indonesia, the situation is still bleak. The number of victims raises day by day and the carelessness of people still shows. Not much change in Indonesian life, business is still as usual.

It annoys me but at the same time realization that it beyonds my capability to change reminds me to channel my “annoy” energy to somewhere else. Otherwise, it’s likely I will spend it to useless activity such as involving myself to prolong debate for nothing.

I decided to write, the thing I learned since 5 years ago to be able to lower down the boiling pressure inside me.

After few minutes of searching my stocks of photos, my eyes caught old photos taken two years ago, the photos of my neighbours played football (or perhaps I should call it soccer).

Immediately, one question appears in my boring brain.

Does Indonesian soccer still exist?

Perhaps, my thought will cause angers inside Indonesia Football Association because definitely they are still there. But, to be honest, after so many years, I never heard Indonesia’s team achieve something.

No trophy, no achievement for such a long time.

The professional league still runs before Corona outbreak stops the world.

But, I never watched any games from the league and chose to watch British Premiere League instead, or Bundesliga, or Spanish La Liga. Or at least, once a year, I prefer to watch soccer game during Indonesia Independece Day. it is more interesting .

Indonesian Soccer : Existence And Inexistence

The reasons for this is because I am so bored with bad news everytime a game of Indonesian League is held.

Holiganism, player attacked official, drama of power struggle on the association, corruption, no achievement has got rid of any appetite to watch any game.

Don’t ever ask if I ever went to a stadium to watch the game, never. The safety of me and my family is more important than any game. To bring my son, who is also soccer lover, to a stadium will risk the safety of him as the possibility of riots and fight between supporters and/or player may occur.

Although advertisement to invite people to watch the game often appears on my TV, there is no slight intention inside me to even try.

I even have a cruel thought about Indonesian Football once. Why don’t just eliminate this sport from our life? It caused lots of havoc and destruction other than achievement. Plenty life have fallen because of fanaticism of the supporters.

So, why should we keep this sport ?

Perhaps, people may argue about this as soccer is one of the most popular game in Indonesia. It is more popular than badminton or tennis or basket. It’s still number one. Everybody plays it, even daily.

Well, I understand and yes, of course we should not eliminate something that makes them happy. So, we do not have to erase from Indonesians’ life.

But, we can delete formal soccer event like managed by PSSI (Indonesia Football/Soccer Association). It creates more danger that entertainment nor trophy.

This can help soccer to still exists in Indonesian’s culture and history, as joyful activities but not as life threatening sport.

That’s just an extreme thought of someone who is frustrated by Indonesian’s football and who is being bored by not too much activities during the outbreak.

You may differ.

Bogor, April 23rd, 2020

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