Lawang Sewu, The House Of A Thousand Doors

Lawang Sewu, Semarang City, Central Java, Indonesia 2018 There is one place you should visit when you make a trip to Semarang City, the Capital of Central Java, Indonesia. It’s … Read more

Consistency Is Easier Said Than Done

Angkor Wat 2019. In frame Aida Wijaya I promised to myself within this month to post one photo a day. The promise was made to build a consistent flow to … Read more

Motorcycle Is A Multi-Purpose Vehicle

Humor Mode : ON MPV (Multi-purpose Vehicle) Car is one of the most popular vehicle sold around the world. But, visiting Siem Reap, Cambodia and also living in Indonesia, I … Read more

Small Is Beautiful, Many Times

Angkor Wat, 2019 It doesn’t mean that big is not beautiful. No, it is not. Many times, as well, big people look fabulous also in frame. However, many times,  I … Read more